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How much money - the bedroom door price Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2020-09-19
Bedroom door when price how many money, this is an issue many customers consultation is more, the customer at the time of choosing the bedroom door very attention, for the price, after all, is directly related to their purse strings, some clients will say that your price is too high, from a certain door manufacturer to purchase a lot cheaper. Customer focus too much on how much money and ignore the product itself quality problem, the price is low, how about the quality of the product, these anyone's guess. In addition if lock manufacturers rely on price to win, by walk quantity, then the manufacturer will be eliminated by the market sooner or later, low price, means to cut materials, quality is unqualified, is equal to its signature.     Bedroom door price how many money, customer care price itself, it is not wrong, but need to pay more attention to the bedroom door quality, appearance, process, how long can use hard power, such as the compare the prices of the same class, merit-based, understandable. For example, look similar in the two bedroom door, a 50 can use 2 years, another 100 can use 10 years, choose which one? In the second paragraph while prices high, but used for a longer time, significantly more cost-effective.     Different manufacturer production bedroom door in the process, material, there is difference on the standard, it will directly lead to the price difference. Bedroom door have three layers of plating, also has 8 layer plating, electroplating process, but still not the same, choose the bedroom door, just can use the find time for a long time, coupled with after sales service and consideration.
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