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Zinc alloy of hand lock why so popular with the market - Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2020-09-08
In recent years, in our life often can see zinc alloy material of hand lock, it not only appearance is very good-looking, and the colour is also very complete, can be said to be the home of a bright scenery line. So why is zinc alloy of hand lock so popular with the market? A lot of people should not be too clear, we followed the rich yu hardware below small make up to have a detailed understanding.     Zinc alloy of hand lock why so popular with the market?     1, security, environmental protection & emsp;   Made of zinc alloy material of hand lock is very safe and environmental protection, and have related qualification certificates. Compared with other materials of the door lock, has the very obvious advantages. Zinc alloy material is enough weight, heavy in your hands, good quality. After electroplating technology processing, zinc alloy of hand lock can be installed in damp environment and don't have to worry about rust and damaged, reduce the late maintenance of trouble.     2, modelling beautiful atmosphere & emsp;   The appearance of zinc alloy hand lock is very beautiful, also has a lot of style, different style for different modelling is different also, can fully meet the needs of different decorate a style. Zinc alloy holding hands with old-fashioned locks, lock technology not only upgrade the iteration, and the ratio of raw materials are also great changes have taken place, modelling is more beautiful.     3, the structure stability & emsp;   Zinc alloy is firmly holding hand lock structure, has high security, in order to meet safety standards, in the process of production has strict standards for each lock of hand has exclusive quality inspection certificate, have actual warranty period, the guard against theft, indoor safety has very high security.     4, price range & emsp;   Common on the market of zinc alloy hand lock price from a few yuan to hundreds of yuan, can fully meet the needs of different groups, price range covers wide range, are available for choice.     Conclusion: & emsp;   Above is about the zinc alloy of hand lock why so popular with the market 'introduced, through the understanding of the above, I believe you have a clear understanding to the problem, everyone in the choice of zinc alloy lock time, suggest looking for normal manufacturer production of the product, to ensure product quality and service in the late.
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