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Fire - lock manufacturer Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2021-03-11
Fire lock is factory can provide very good a product and the customer reaction, fire lock orders increased a lot recently, the market is hot, and fire lock production by manufacturer, the quality of each link accurately handle, as long as the fire from the manufacturer to produce the lock to use 304 thickening stainless steel, very thick, can be in high temperature under the condition of normal open, lock body deformation, no distortion.     Looking for fire lock factory when they want to get affordable, good quality products, do not spend money. As a factory main product, compared with other advantages are more obvious. Fire lock on the market made of 201 stainless steel more and more that we use 304 stainless steel material, lock body thicker, carry more weight, lock used the European production standards, pure brass lock core, 5 hours high temperature normally open, for the trapped people more right time to escape. Basically fire lock is rarely a problem, are through strict detection means, conform to the standards allow.     Choose fire lock with normal manufacturer cooperation, the price is right, better quality, rich yu hardware professional crowded places such as schools and hospitals to provide fire lock, 21 years experience in research and development production, industry good word of mouth, Internet big data yes, how about manufacturers strength, how can check the product quality, 24-hour customer service hotline for free:
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