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Hainan chain huangshifu company teaches you how

by:FUYU lock     2020-02-25
Haikou lock company teaches you that it is safer to use locks like this. 1. No lock when you go out, it means no lock. In addition to a small number of anti-theft doors that are automatically locked, most of the anti-theft doors are locked at only one lock point after they are closed by hand. At this time, it can be as simple as a plastic sheet to open the door lock. Therefore, when you go out, you must use the key to lock the door. 2. Always use the anti lock button at night. Most security doors will have anti lock devices. After the anti lock, the door can't be unlocked even if there is a key outside. At night, when people sleep indoors, they are stolen. Most of them do not use the anti lock button. 3. The key inserted in the lock hole must be removed in time. If there is a key in the lock hole of the security door, people can't open the security door with the key outside. In this case, it is sometimes necessary to use destructive means to unlock the door. 4 do not use grade a cylinder, especially the door lock. Class a lock cylinder can be opened by special tools in 3-5 seconds. A large number of cases have proved that the objects of technical unlocking and burglary are almost class a locks. It is recommended that all owners who are still using class a locks should replace them with super class B or C lock cylinders as soon as possible. 5 install the door mirror protector. The door mirror of the security door not only provides convenience for the owner, but also brings some hidden dangers. It is one of the common means for burglars to unlock and enter the house through the door mirror. Door mirror protector is also an anti-theft product in recent years. Regular lock service providers can provide this service. The safe must use the password function. Many people find it very difficult to open the safe with a password, and even stick the password disk with tape. You should know that the security function of the password is several times better than that of the lock. That's why thieves often fail in front of code locks
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