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Home theft and rescue: home theft insurance company 'pays'

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-03
Install anti-theft doors and windows in the home, install intelligent anti-theft lock . . . . . . Although many citizens have made great efforts to guard against theft, burglary cases often occur around us. Unfortunately, after being patronized by 'Liang shangzi', what else can people do besides admitting themselves to be unlucky and waiting for the public security organs to recover the lost property? It is understood that the Tibet branch of China Anbang Property Insurance Co. , Ltd. , the Tibet branch of China people's property insurance Co. , Ltd. and the Tibet branch of China Ping An Property Insurance Co. , Ltd. have launched family property insurance business, theft and rescue is an additional type of family property comprehensive insurance. If citizens are insured for family property theft and rescue, the loss of theft and robbery can be 'paid' by the insurance company '. A hundred yuan premium can protect tens of thousands of families, family property, generally including houses and ancillary equipment, interior decoration, indoor property, etc. It should be noted that property in the home was stolen, household appliances were damaged due to electricity safety, cash, gold and silver jewelry were lost, pipelines were broken and flooded, etc, it does not belong to the basic insurance liability category of comprehensive insurance. Therefore, various insurance companies have correspondingly introduced various additional types of insurance to meet the needs of the insured. The premium of family property insurance is quite affordable. Take the additional insurance family property insurance as an example. The premium of this insurance type is 100 yuan per share, including comprehensive insurance liability, and additional risks such as indoor property theft insurance, household electrical appliance safety insurance, cash jewelry theft and rescue, pipeline rupture and flooding insurance, and third party liability insurance, of which the amount of indoor property theft insurance is 20 thousand yuan. Most citizens do not have a high awareness of insurance. For Mr. Zhou, who lives in a residential area in Deji Road, family property insurance is the type of insurance he must buy. 'My family was stolen once last year. Thieves stole computers and cameras and lost tens of thousands of yuan. 'Mr. Zhou told reporters that picc p & C launched the' family property card 'and he immediately went to do one. 'Only a few tens of yuan can buy a guarantee of tens of thousands of yuan, which is too valuable. 'Mr. Zhou said. However, the reporter found in the interview that most citizens were lucky enough to burglary. 'Every window in our house is equipped with anti-theft Net. As long as the door is locked when we go out at ordinary times, thieves should not be able to get in and there is no need to spend money on insurance. 'Ms. Wang, who pays great attention to saving expenses at ordinary times, told reporters. 'I don't usually put too much cash at home, and I don't have valuables. If someone comes in to steal things, there is nothing to steal except electrical appliances, computers, cameras, mobile phones, etc, and they can't steal these things at one time, at most one or two. 'Mr. Wu said that if something was really stolen, he would rather buy a new one. He is still not interested in buying a stolen rescue. Because he felt that this kind of thing was unlikely to happen to him. The exemption clause after insurance should be clearly seen. It is worth noting that the public is not comfortable after the insurance is insured. In some cases, the insurance company will not settle the theft, and the exemption clauses are clearly listed in the clauses of various insurance companies. The reporter saw the loss of the insured property due to the behavior of the Hook outside the window in the clause of the indoor property theft and rescue of the Tibet branch of the people's property insurance company of China; Loss of insurance property caused by theft due to unlocked door; The insurance company shall not be responsible for the loss of the insured property caused by the family members, family employees and temporary residents of the insured who steal or connive at others. As the rate of family property insurance is relatively low, some citizens try to insure with different insurance companies in order to obtain multi-party compensation. In response, a person in charge of the Tibet branch of China people's property insurance Co. , Ltd. said that no matter how many insurance companies have been insured, the final compensation that citizens can obtain will not exceed the total amount of losses that constitute effective claims.
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