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How many kinds of indoor door lock factory tell you lock

by:FUYU lock     2020-11-04
Indoor door lock has been in People's Daily life plays a noticeable role, both can be used to decorate interior space, and can protect the family property safety, along with the development of technology, lock industry is in rapid development, the different style, style. Locks according to the different function USES a different category. Under the interior door lock factory workers with you and see what are the types of locks.     A: look & emsp;   According to different shape of door lock, generally can be divided into: lock hold hand lock, ball lock, the padlock, electronic locks, anti-theft lock, etc. The padlock is the oldest family history of locks, even now on the market to see other types of locks are derived from the padlock. A hand lock is with handles of the lock.     2: use & emsp;   Points: according to the sort of door lock bathroom, bedroom, bathroom lock lock lock, study, etc. Need to pay attention to is the use of different space, the lock is not the same choice, for example: the illicit close sex of the bedroom and study because of its space, had better choose mute door lock; The bathroom or toilet, door lock have high request for material choice, because the bathroom water vapor is bigger, need to choose not to rust, oxidation resistance of the material door lock.     Three: style & emsp;   The choice of interior door lock is inseparable and home decorate a style, according to the development of home style, interior door lock can be divided into: now contemporary and contracted, classical Chinese style, Jane Europe style, rural country, American style, etc. , and indoor style to form a complete set of research and development.     4: material & emsp;   Mentioned locks it is necessary to know its lock materials, general materials are: stainless steel ( Is divided into 304 and 201) , zinc alloy, Magnesium alloy) , space aluminum quality, pure copper quality, etc. You can choose according to their different needs the right door lock.     Through introducing the indoor door lock manufacturers, all for the kinds of door lock should have a clear understanding, types of door locks can be points from four aspects, respectively is: material, style, utility and appearance. Remind: locks, need according to their actual needs, bear in mind that at random.
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