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Little overlord: gorgeous cross-border transformation, fan smart lock industry technology storm

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-02
With the influx of internet giants, traditional manufacturing enterprises and new maker teams, the once cold smart home ushered in the first year of the outbreak. Compared with other categories in the field of smart home, smart door locks, as the most rigid demand products in smart home, have attracted a large amount of capital and talents and become the most concerned smart items. As one of the most popular markets, the intelligent door lock market has developed from a few dozen enterprises to thousands of enterprises. In addition to the home appliance giant, there is also an enterprise with the feelings of the post-80 s generation among these enterprises involved in intelligent door lock. Shenzhen little overlord Guluo intelligent Co. , Ltd. is a company under the little overlord brand, whether it is single product reputation or market feedback, they are all very potential. In terms of qualifications, it is not too much for the little overlord to be transferred to the old brand. Established in 1987, little overlord is a famous brand that swept China in the early days of China's reform and opening up. It started with research and development and manufacturing of educational electronic products and gradually developed and expanded. It is known as Huangpu Military Academy in China's electronic industry'. In 1990s, little overlord learning machine and game machine products became popular all over the country, accompanying generations of Chinese children to have a happy childhood. It is such an established enterprise, but it has not always shown people in a fixed image, keeps pace with the times, and insists on pursuing sustainable management'The policy. In 1991, the little overlord broadcast the first advertisement on CCTV, that is, he owned a little overlord and sold 10 thousand yuan' Prize-winning sales activities little overlord competition' , Making the little overlord ranked first in the game machine market. In 1993, little overlord successfully developed the first generation of little overlord computer learning machine. The new advertisement of 'little overlord Clap Song' was broadcast in prime time of CCTV, and its creativity became a classic praised by the advertising industry and spread all over the country. In 2004, with the development of the times and the constant changes in market demand, little overlord successively established ten subsidiaries such as Zhongshan little overlord education Electronics Co. , Ltd. and Zhongshan little overlord Kitchen Appliance Co. , Ltd, officially entered the field of electronic education products and small household appliances. At the same time, the little overlord has won the favor and trust of the vast number of users with its excellent product quality and perfect after-sales service. The products have won many awards and won the first gold medal for domestic high-quality products selected by consumers'; Consumer selection of domestic boutique premium Gold Award'; China boutique Expo Gold Award'; National best-selling commodity Golden Bridge Award'; Dozens of honors such as the first national consumer goods reputation survey. Nowadays, with the smart lock being a household name, the little overlord is not willing to lag behind, and begins to enter the smart lock industry. In the highly competitive smart lock wave, contribute a little strength! It is reported that Shenzhen xiaobaiwang Guyi intelligent Co. , Ltd. , a subsidiary of xiaobaowang, is a leading provider of smart door locks and smart home solutions. Inheriting the technical strength of hardware and software innovation and research and development of electronic products in the past 30 years, xiaobawang company has a number of industry-specific core technologies and patents, and an international and intelligent dust-free production base, advanced production equipment art has created the ingenuity quality and innovative technology of the little overlord smart lock. Little overlord is committed to integrating cutting-edge technological innovation into life, so that users can enjoy the high-quality life brought by high technology. The author understands that the linkage intelligent lock developed by little Overlord also adheres to this purpose, adopting double lock linkage, main lock linkage auxiliary lock, one verification and double doors opening together; And linkage smart home, voice interaction, visual remote operation; It can also be customized to the exclusive lifestyle, smart and convenient, and the elderly and children will use it. The little overlord smart lock is centered on the user's needs, solves the user's pain points, caters to the public's needs, has a fashionable appearance and convenient functions, and attracts the attention of many consumers, it has also won the recognition and affirmation of new and old customers. In addition, in the production and quality control links, the little Overlord also gave a high degree of attention. In order to ensure the quality of the product, the little overlord will carry out numerous tests and simulations before the product is launched. Even if it is a small screw, the little overlord will take it seriously, in order to be before the product is produced, guarantee product quality for each customer. Strict control of product quality has created the brand image of the little overlord. In the future, the little overlord will continue to strive for innovation, excellence, and determination to bring more intelligent, safe and convenient modern smart home to the Chinese people! Looking back 30 years ago, the little overlord game machine and learning machine became popular all over the country and became widely known, accompanying generations of teenagers to thrive. Today, 30 years later, the little overlord has changed into the smart lock industry, guarding our safety, appearing in the world with a new look and becoming a new national brand in the new era'. Whether it is the wind of the year, or today's re-emergence of the rivers and lakes, the little overlord relies on unique products, efficient and caring service, strong strength, excellent design and innovative and advanced research and development have become the unique and authoritative old brand in the industry'.
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