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Fatal Defect of fingerprint lock

by:FUYU lock     2020-02-20
In recent years, fingerprint lock has become the new darling of the industry. Because of its uniqueness of fingerprints and high technology, many thieves who only know the common unlocking method have no way to start, but the fingerprint lock, which seems to have strong anti-theft performance, in fact, they all have their own Achilles' heel. Fingerprint Lock is composed of electronic components. Electronic things are most afraid of power supply problems and rust, circuit failure, water inflow and other problems. These problems are the Achilles' heel of electronic lock, which is probably such a small failure, as a result, the lock cannot be opened. Therefore, no manufacturer does not add emergency locks to their fingerprint locks, and these emergency locks are mechanical locks. Mechanical locks have the disadvantages of mechanical locks. Mechanical locks are easy to open with ordinary unlocking tools, so the insecurity is greatly increased.
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