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The price of electronic locks on the market is too different. How can I choose a good electronic lock?

by:FUYU lock     2021-10-16
I believe everyone will encounter such problems when buying smart locks. Which is why the price of smart locks on the market is so different? Are smart locks cheap or expensive to buy? Can the quality be guaranteed? They are all smart locks, why are the prices so different? What is the difference? Let's analyze the Fuyu smart electronic lock below. We all hope to buy the most 'cost-effective' products, buy high-tech smart locks, and also buy the best and most assured products with the least amount of money. Behind the low price, there are many secrets hidden. Many consumers who bought low-cost smart locks have a deep understanding of this. Within a few months, the fingerprints could not be recognized, and the mechanical keys also failed. This is a smart lock that brings convenience to life, but it brings troubles to life. . When finding a merchant, most merchants either make excuses to shirk responsibility, or delay and delay, or even go missing. Why are the prices of smart locks so different? 1. Look at the materials: the reason why smart locks are expensive is that the entire smart lock from the core to the lock body, from the motor module to the fingerprint module, from every screw of the handle or even every spring, will try to choose first-class The supplier chooses high-quality components and then assembles them through a professional assembly line. In terms of raw material selection, the cost is much higher than that of low-end, low-cost smart locks. The cost is high and the price is naturally very expensive. Second, look at workmanship: Expensive smart locks are carefully crafted, whether it is polishing, electroplating, or other processes, as long as there is a small flaw in the process, it must be reworked or even discarded. 3. Look at the function: Expensive smart locks are not only rich and practical, but also stable and reliable. For example, customers can easily overlook the point that after the door is closed and locked, some criminals can destroy the cat’s eye and use special tools to open the door lock from the inside. Many smart locks ignore this aspect of security, or simply are unwilling to increase investment in this aspect due to cost reasons. Fourth, look at the after-sales service: Good and expensive smart lock manufacturers have absolutely guaranteed services. They not only dare to face product problems, but also ensure that answers and solutions are given within 24 hours of product problems. Therefore, it makes sense to sell expensively, and the service to users is the enjoyment of stars. Branded smart locks will not only be more reliable in terms of quality, but will also be guaranteed in terms of service.
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