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Hold hand lock, the indoor door lock - how to choose - Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2020-08-05
Hold hand lock, also known as indoor door lock, at the time of purchase choice need according to the location of the installation, lock body manufacturing material, the appearance of the image, function demand comprehensive selection, manufacturing process, etc. The following indoor door lock manufacturers, these a few respects and everyone details one by one.     The first: indoor door lock installation location & emsp;   Common is undertake choosing according to the position of the door, there are four of the position of the door, left, left, right, right. You first need to determine the position of the door, the province bought the wrong, lock body installation does not enter.     The second: the material of indoor door lock & emsp;   Common indoor door lock on market materials are: stainless steel door locks, zinc alloy door locks, space aluminum door locks, pure copper door lock. Which is one of the best stainless steel door lock, mechanical performance is superior, the price is higher also, zinc alloy and pure copper door lock, strong corrosion resistance.     Third: indoor door lock appearance & emsp;   The appearance of the interior door lock common & emsp;   The appearance of the interior door lock with spherical door lock, u-shaped locks, hold hand lock, etc. , can choose according to their actual needs.     Fourth: indoor door lock function & emsp;   The core function of guard against theft, a door lock should be installed in every room, so as to protect the safety of home, minor features: fire prevention, prevent bacteria function. Some door lock quality is poorer, when a fire happens deformation, waste of time.     Fifth: indoor door lock manufacturing & emsp;   1, panel sheet metal blanking - - - Molding - - - - Punching - - - Polishing - - - Test - - Electroplating factory ( Semi-finished product outbound) - - - Warehousing - - Test - - To be assembled.     2, pressure machining - - Semi-finished products warehouse - - Polishing - - - Test - - Electroplating factory ( Semi-finished product outbound) - - - Warehousing - - Test - - To assemble & emsp;   3, panel with a hand, assembly - - Test - - Packaging - Shipping & emsp;   Article source: http://www. zide360. com
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