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The blue sea market for smart door locks has surfaced, with an annual growth of over 100% and a bonus has come!

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-29
Since its birth, the intelligent door lock has entered the third stage. I believe everyone is no stranger to the new product of intelligent door lock. The development of the three stages has laid the foundation for the smart door lock market and also verified that it is a promising business. 1. In the wait-and-see stage, the intelligent door lock has entered the market since 2001. From 2001 to 2015, even if the Olympic Games, Universiade, World Expo and other important activities are publicized, the market demand is still small and the acceptance is not high. 2. Contact phase 2008- In 2014, the number of smart door lock enterprises in China began to grow faster, with the total output value of the industry exceeding 1 billion yuan. 3. Outbreak stage from 2015, the intelligent door lock began to enter the growth period, the industry scale and enterprise scale began to increase greatly, and the total output value of the industry began to move towards the order of tens of billions of yuan. Smart door locks have gradually been accepted by consumers in 2017. According to the data of the National lock Industry Information Center, the market size of smart locks in 2017 has exceeded 10 billion, and the demand for smart locks in China in 2018 is 13 million sets, with the market size approaching 20 billion. The growth trend chart of China's intelligent door lock production in the past ten years: the growth rate has reached 100%. Judging from the market performance in the past two years, the intelligent lock market is developing rapidly at a growth rate of almost 100% every year, but we are still far from other countries. By contrast, the market penetration rates in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea have reached 52% and 80%. China has a population of about 1. 4 billion and 0. 4 billion households, and nearly 95% of households will need to replace smart door locks, which will be a huge market. Consumers are most concerned about 63. 8% of the people are worried about the imperfect service of online channels, and installation and maintenance are their most worrying aspects. Most potential consumers pay great attention to installation, maintenance and other services when purchasing smart door locks. Brand owners pay attention to providing high-quality after-sales service and reducing consumer purchase barriers. To sum up, in order to fully tap the bonus of the smart door lock market, we need to settle down to serve, upgrade stores and build a good reputation. Only good products and good services can do business well. Under the guidance of Ye Maozhong, a Chinese marketing planner, the German dog has created a profit model of ultra-low investment and no pressure -? -German dog new retail business model. In the new retail model, there will be: 1. New consumption scenarios: online and offline, deep experience, easy to place orders, unlimited shopping scenarios. 2. New relationship between merchants and consumers: merchants pay more attention to efficiency and consumer experience and provide intimate services. 3. New supply chain process: adopting C2M Consumer Direct Factory mode, cutting off intermediate links, cost-effective and reliable. Through new retail' , Merchants and consumers establish a closer trust relationship, so that consumers can benefit from it and enjoy more efficient services and better products. Businesses can also improve stickiness, open up multiple profit channels and achieve high and stable returns. German dog good model, good products, waiting for your joining, hand in hand to seize hundreds of billions of smart door lock blue sea market!
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